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Magitech Extension

An extension for vanilla Minecraft that adds magic and technology., April 5th, 2018

Magitech Extension adds technology to vanilla Minecraft without changing the balance. It also adds a new system for enchanting, a ritual based system that demands sacrifices be made. The new tools and weapons must be forged, then crafted, in a system inspired by Tinker's Construct, though the results are very different.

The new ores are balanced, found in all three dimensions, some are very difficult to acquire.

The mod comes with a story built in, about how the pigmen became zombies and why the nether exists. Discovery of the recipes and techniques will open up more of the story, culminating into a [WIP] massive war after the dragon is felled. Nothing will prepare you for the new biomes to explore, as the dangers in some of them will require you advance your gear and craft the ultimate armor and weapons.

Magitech Extension is carefully balanced with vanilla, and pairs well with only a few mods. This is by design, as it was actually developed for a streaming project of mine and only being released for others to enjoy should they find it interesting. For this reason it does not utilize the ore dictionary that many other mods rely on. The recipes are also obfuscated, though I will not prevent another developer from revealing those I would prefer everyone gets to experience the discovery aspect.

Just remember, have fun, play video games, and enjoy life.


A game to end Microsoft, December 5, 2017

Modkraft is a game for the modders to create what they dream. Modkraft will never fight against modders or resources creators.

Unlike the game that inspired it, I will never allow Modkraft to be purchased by any major corporation. It will never be about the money and all profits will be used to improve the game.

The project was started to hopefully find a way to get the finances to help my cat through cancer, once that is over I will put all further funds earned by it into creating content. Such content includes premium mods and resource packs for players who prefer such things.

The built in modding API will be slim and easy for modders to implement anything they can dream up. From custom machines to complete systems of magic.

Resource packs can add mobs, building materials, or just new textures and sounds. Most of which will be compatible with Minecraft.

Yes, the goal is to replace Minecraft for modders because Microsoft clearly does not appreciate the modders.


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