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A game to end Microsoft, December 5, 2017

Modkraft is a game for the modders to create what they dream. Modkraft will never fight against modders or resources creators.

Unlike the game that inspired it, I will never allow Modkraft to be purchased by any major corporation. It will never be about the money and all profits will be used to improve the game.

The project was started to hopefully find a way to get the finances to help my cat through cancer, once that is over I will put all further funds earned by it into creating content. Such content includes premium mods and resource packs for players who prefer such things.

The built in modding API will be slim and easy for modders to implement anything they can dream up. From custom machines to complete systems of magic.

Resource packs can add mobs, building materials, or just new textures and sounds. Most of which will be compatible with Minecraft.

Yes, the goal is to replace Minecraft for modders because Microsoft clearly does not appreciate the modders.


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The current and past projects of Kitten Koder, a developer and gamer who is desperately trying to save her cat Pepper from cancer.

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